A few stories

straight from the street

A flyover

The consequence of a flyover... Fast moving traffic through small communities creates chaos.


Recycling at ground zero.


An unintended consequence of slum relocation and the impact on women.

Street Stories India

Ahmedabad, India

Walking, cycling, & social equity.

Everyday men and women working as vendors, head-loaders, cart pushers, domestic servants and waste pickers go out and make their living in India– but do you know their story and what their livelihoods depend on? The common thread uniting their different experiences is their dependence on walking or cycling either to work or for work. Using journalistic photographs and ethnographic interviews to record pedestrian and cyclists’ everyday movements and interactions with the city, Street Stories serves to remind the public about the critical link between social equity and transportation. While this series took place in Ahmedabad, India, much of the challenges and issues these people face are common throughout India.

Old City

Beauty in the old city.

Sheep traffic

Urban sheep got to get around too.

Urban river

A couple cools off by the river.

Vatva Slum

Vatva Slum.


Independence on a bike.

Grandpa & baby

Bicycles for healthy multi-generational commuting